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 Images uploading, demetri, April 6, 2001
     Re:Images uploading, Erik Arvidsson, April 7, 2001
         Re:Images uploading, MoMad, April 8, 2001
             Re:Images uploading, Erik Arvidsson, April 9, 2001
                 Re:Images uploading, vNAT, April 15, 2001

Subject: Re:Images uploading From: Erik Arvidsson Date: April 7, 2001

This is not a bug in wdw2. Images in the editor are not supported. This is however a feature we are considering for wdw3.


From: demetri
Sent: April 6, 2001
Subject: Re:Images uploading


I guess there is problem about images uploading, i.e. images don't really 'UPLOAD' to server. As this post,  everyone beside me can't see the image I posted. It because the image source is 'STILL' in my local disk. You could check the HTML source out.

By the way, my question is: Is this a bug exists in WDW2?  Or, WDW2 doesn't support file uploading feature?

Thanks, demetri


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