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 Getting XHTML from Rich Text Editor, Ratnakar, December 15, 2004
     Re:Getting XHTML from Rich Text Editor, Erik Arvidsson, December 16, 2004

Subject: Getting XHTML from Rich Text Editor From: Ratnakar Date: December 15, 2004

Hi Emil, Other Members,

i am evaluating  the Rich Text Editor Component.

Can any body help me to retrive XHTML from the editor.

if i use Inner HTML or outer HTML the XHTML

i am getting is with attributes without "" . I hope  i have made my doubt clear.

please reply to this mail even if u feel this doubt is foolish.

for ex - the XHTML is giving me source as <FONT color=mediumblue>

and not as <FONT color="mediumblue">  which is leading to Parsing exceptions.

waiting for your replys.

thanks and regards,



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