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 Sortabletable Crash in IE, José Santos, December 3, 2004
     Re:Sortabletable Crash in IE , Brett Merkey, December 14, 2004
     Re:Sortabletable Crash in IE , Guilherme Blanco, December 7, 2004
         Re:Sortabletable Crash in IE , José Santos, December 8, 2004
     Re:Sortabletable Crash in IE, Jeffrey Jangli, December 7, 2004

Subject: Re:Sortabletable Crash in IE From: Brett Merkey Date: December 14, 2004

People in my team got the same error with IE6 WinXP Pro which I reported in this forum last June. Only the machines of the Java developers got the fatal error. My machines did not. We never were able to isolate the error so we had to back off any further testing of the nifty WebFX sort.

Microsoft (according to my memory) has admitted that the fatal error may occur when you are using @import to import style sheets under certain circumstances. This was not our situation but maybe it is something to try in your situation.





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