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 IE will always render a table as a table... or will it?, Brett Bonfield, December 9, 2004
     Re:IE will always render a table as a table... or will it?, Erik Arvidsson, December 16, 2004

Subject: IE will always render a table as a table... or will it? From: Brett Bonfield Date: December 9, 2004
I'm interested in using the fascinating CSS available at


which allows one to present tabular data in a way that's more appealing to the eye (at least to my eye it's more appealing :^)

To my mind this is very much what CSS is all about: allowing content providers to present properly coded data in a way they and, ideally, their readers, find inviting and accessible. Unfortunatley, the CSS doesn't work in IE. I figured the easiest way to fix the situation would
be to call on IE7:


Unfortunately, the markup/css chokes IE7. I contacted the IE7 forum on SourceForge.net and received the following response:


"i've looked at this site before. i'm afraid there is no way to get this to work in IE without rewriting the HTML. IE will always render a table as a table..."



I later found (from Michael Winters's response to my question posted in comp.lang.javascript)


"IE uses "display: block" for the various table components. As this is what the "overridding CSS" uses, IE sees no difference and does nothing, whereas this is a huge difference for modern browsers and they change their rendering accordingly."


Has anyone in this group ever been successful in making IE render a table as anything other than a traditional table? Any hints as to what might allow such a thing to happen?




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