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 Slider with IE6 Problem, Pete, December 4, 2004
     Re:Slider with IE6 Problem, Jigal van Hemert, December 9, 2004
         Re:Slider with IE6 Problem, Erik Arvidsson, December 15, 2004

Subject: Re:Slider with IE6 Problem From: Jigal van Hemert Date: December 9, 2004
> I was trying out with slider control. It
> works great in Mozilla. But I have noticed
> some odd behavior on IE6. When using a style
> other than 'winclassic.css' (e.g.,
> 'bluecurve.css'), when the slider handle is
> moved IE6 shows the hour-glass mouse icon.
> As the handle is moved this hour-glass icon
> flickers and the handle does not move smoothly.
> I am wondering if anyone knows where in the
> code or how to fix this?

This is an issue with IE, which fails to cache the background image.
We fixed it by:
a) removing the background-image properties in the css (classes .dynamic-slider-control.horizontal .handle and .dynamic-slider-control.vertical .handle)
b) replacing in slider.js the line:



this.imagehandle = this.handle.firstChild.appendChild(this.document.createElement("IMG"));
this.imagehandle.src = "<path_to_file>/handle.horizontal.gif";

It's not a nice solution, but since I only needed horizontal sliders...

Regards, Jigal.


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