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 tabPane closing tab-page, Esteban Diaz , November 22, 2004

Subject: tabPane closing tab-page From: Esteban Diaz Date: November 22, 2004
Hi.. I need to find out how to remove a tab-page from the tab-pane by pressing a button.. I've done a script that does so... but apparently something is wrong since it fails when it runs by the second time.. .. I wrote an id tag to all the pages and an alert message to see what are the documents inside the pages (inside a loop .. pages[i].element.id).. by the second time it runs (after creating the page again).. the page erased before, appears again.. (it looks like there is two pages with the same id)
Dispite of all this.. it works on IE.. but firefox fails running my script...
Please Help...


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