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 licensing, troels, November 3, 2004
     Re:licensing, Emil A Eklund, November 3, 2004
         Re:licensing, troels, November 5, 2004
             Re:licensing, stylo~, November 12, 2004

Subject: licensing From: troels Date: November 3, 2004

Since you have released bindows, have you considered re-licensing the stand-alone widgets on this site under LGPL ?

I'm building a cms with php, that will have a fairly rich client-side application, using rpc to commune with the server. I would love to use some of your widgets in this application, but since I plan to make the system as a hole available under LGPL, there is a compatibility conflict with the licensing of your code.

The consequence would be, that i will have to rewrite the code, you have already done, witch seems like an utter waste of time.

Would you alternatively consider issueing a permission to use some of your code with a specific named LGPL package? (I don't even know if that is possible?)

Cheers, Troels


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