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 xLoadTree auto expand/select, James Agnew, October 31, 2004
     Re:xLoadTree auto expand/select, Emil A Eklund, November 1, 2004
         Re:xLoadTree auto expand/select, James Agnew, November 1, 2004
             Re:xLoadTree auto expand/select, Emil A Eklund, November 1, 2004
                 Re:xLoadTree auto expand/select, Ben Noblet, November 3, 2004

Subject: Re:xLoadTree auto expand/select From: Emil A Eklund Date: November 1, 2004
Ah, guess I was a bit to quick on the reply button there. It's a bit more complicated for xLoadTree since you don't really know the id of a node not yet loaded. However this is something that's in xLoadTree2 and since it's not that far away we really don't want to spend too much time on improving the old, soon to be deprecated, version. I'll consider it and drop you mail.


Thanks Emil -
I'm using xLoadTree dynamically (i..e pulling the next level structure from a DB) - this means that I need to 'wait' for a node to be have opened and loaded before calling the parent to open.
Another user asked the same question here:
Have you any ideas?
If it's not already available, then we'd be prepared to pay to have it developed as it's very important for us to be able to select a node several levels deep and have all its parents expanded.
I'd very much appreciate you getting back to us on this :-)
Thanks again,
From: Emil A Eklund
Sent: November 1, 2004
Subject: Re:xLoadTree auto expand/select

This question has been asked, and answered a few times already, however since we don't have a search function it's understandable that you haven't found it.

Please see


I'm trying to get the xLoadTree to expand to reveal a selected node. I've tried the following:
webFXTreeHandler.select(n9); //where n9 is the node id
This works ok, but I can't get the parent nodes higher up the tree to expand so that the selected node is actually visible.
I'd really appreciate some help on this, I've been trying so many things to get this work and just can't see to get there...
Many thanks, James


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