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 Tab Pane and child objects, Chris Blackwell, October 25, 2004
     Re:Tab Pane and child objects, Chris Blackwell, October 26, 2004

Subject: Tab Pane and child objects From: Chris Blackwell Date: October 25, 2004


I'm developing a calendar widget that will be used inside a WEBFX Tab Pane container.  It works similarly to Outlooks monthly calendar, and if there are more items than can be displayed on a single day then it shows an icon to expand the day to see all its contents. It only needs to work on Internet Explorer.

I loop over the contents of each day on the calendar and add up the offsetHeight of each of the child elements to see if they would overflow the table cell, if they do then i display an icon to expand the day.

This works fine if the calendar is displayed on its own, or if i change the current pane to the one containing the calendar before init-ing the calendar.  But otherwise the offsetHeight of all the child element is zero.  I'm guessing this is because the items aren't displayed.. but is this caused by the Tab Pane or, just IE ?

I can work around this by changing the tab pane when i init the caledar, then swapping it back, but thats really clunky.

You can see a mock up of the problem here http://www.m0nk3y.net/public/calendar/

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

cheers, chris



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