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 Safari Browser, Clint Reed, August 31, 2004
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                     Re:Safari Browser, Chris OBrien, October 18, 2004

Subject: Re:Safari Browser From: Chris OBrien Date: October 18, 2004
Wow - this is my first post here in about 3 years. No offense Erika and Emil - but this place seems to have stagnated a bit...

Anyhoo - you've been saying about not having macs for a while. Not a problem - I bought one a while back, cos they're not that expensive any more ;) Safari is based on KHTML, so using an up-to-date version of Konqueror (I seem to remember you used linux) should give you some idea about how Safari renders things.

PearPC does work - but it's _very_ slow. I wouldn't advise using it.

Oh - and you can download Darwin and run it on x86, but you won't be able to use Safari with it, as that needs Apples window manager etc to run. OS X is a BSD based OS running on top of a Mach microkernel, FYI.

I recommend going to an Apple store near you and playing around with OS X - it's really rather good.

"Interesting... Does this really work? However I'm not buying MacOSX to run on an emulator without making sure that it really works (and most likely not even then).

I'll try it out using Darwin. What can I expect from Darwin really? I guess it is basically BSD without X?



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