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 Sortable Tables Question, Carsten, October 12, 2004

Subject: Sortable Tables Question From: Carsten Date: October 12, 2004
the sortable table script works very good and has a great performance (best i have seen so far!).
Just one question, since I am not very experienced in programing javascript, i wonder if it is possible to have the first column in a table to be static? What i mean is that the first column is e.g a numbering starting with No.1 and so on. After the next columns are beeing sorted I'd like the numbering to still start with No. 1 and stay in the numbering order (just to have the no. 1 always in the number 1 position of the table).
Is it possible and what has to be done in the code to acheive that goal?
Thanks for answering...


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