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 How to let "<DIV>" show above "<SELECT>" ?, camfall, September 13, 2004
     Re:How to let , Legolas, October 8, 2004
     Re:How to let , Erik Arvidsson, September 22, 2004
     Re:How to let "<DIV>" show above "<SELECT>" ?, Jeffrey Jangli, September 13, 2004

Subject: Re:How to let From: Legolas Date: October 8, 2004
How to let a "<DIV>" or "<LAYER>" element show above a "<SELECT>" element in html? Like the end line,how to let the blue div show above the select box? Thanx!

This is not possible, atleast from my knowledge. Select is givin basically an infinate z-index; you can't currently make something appear above it. Your best bet right now is to emulate it with a JS alternative: possibly writing a hidden field to hold the value, and removing the real select. Then you could code a custom dropdown menu.


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