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 tree.reload() .... error, Wayne, October 7, 2004
     Re:tree.reload() .... error, Wayne, October 7, 2004

Subject: Re:tree.reload() .... error From: Wayne Date: October 7, 2004

I've just relized the tree.reload has nothing to do with it.
The error is caused when I try to re-build the tree object see step 5 below.

Can I distroy the the tree object I initially create?



From: Wayne
Sent: October 7, 2004
Subject: Re:tree.reload() .... error


I'm getting a undefined elment error from xtree.js line 207.  It only happens after I reload the 1st node of the tree.  Should I being removing all subtending nodes (since all are dynamic via cgi) to avoid this error. How would I do that?

quick flow

1) Load page which is a form

2) User selects value from form
2) A javascript hook fires to create the xtree

3) Create the tree
3a) Create the first item of the tree and set the source to a cgi script 

4) All is fine and I can create as many branch as needed

5)  Next I have a javascript hook to reload the tree if form element values change. { like so tree.reload()}

6) Steps 1 2 & 3 happen as expected

7) error xtree.js line 207
It seems as I start to navigate down the tree I get this error just after the   "Loading..." item is displayed and before the next level of items is rendered.... I can continue to navigate and the "Loading..." item is never removed.




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