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 Any way to get ComboBox into tab order of form?, Ian, September 30, 2004

Subject: Any way to get ComboBox into tab order of form? From: Ian Date: September 30, 2004

I've got code that looks like this
<form name=myform>
<div id=narf>
<input name=fld type=text size=30></input>
dm=new ComboBox("combo", document.getElementById("narf"));
.... etc..

Problem is, once focus enters the ComboBox, it's impossible to leave with the TAB key. There's no connection to the form fields at all. I tried making document.myform the parent of the ComboBox and that sort of works, except that the ComboBox now is always the very last form field, which is not desireable at all. Is there any way to inline the ComboBox in the middle of a form so that one can tab both to it, and from it normally in the correct order?



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