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 PNG Behavior, Richard, September 21, 2004
     Re:PNG Behavior, andrew saturn, November 26, 2004
     Re:PNG Behavior, Mike, October 25, 2004
         Re:PNG Behavior, Richard, October 27, 2004

Subject: PNG Behavior From: Richard Date: September 21, 2004



Cool PNG Behavior tutorial, but I have a little question concerning this behavior.


I have created a button with some div:s and some png images with a white gradient which should work as a shadow over the background color.


Everything works well in the Mozilla and Opera browsers, but Explorer generates a script error and the transparent behavior doesnít work. My conclusion is that Explorer canít handle the png image if the size of the image is dynamic? In my case the png image is used as a background image of a div and stretches to the size the div box have.


This seems to work in Mozilla and Opera, but not in Explorer? Does any one know how to fix this in Explorer and is there any way to calculate how big the png image is when it is stretched by the content of the div which it is used as a background?


Se example here to better understand: http://www.scalado.com/testing/index.html


Please help.




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