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 ComboBox question, Fatos, September 2, 2004

Subject: ComboBox question From: Fatos Date: September 2, 2004

Hi, I've got two questions regarding the ComboBox.

1.  Is there a way to limit the number of visible elements in ComboBox like you can in Select. Say, if I have 20 elements I want to limit the number of visible elements to 6 and the user can scroll to see the other elements? This is done for the "select" object.

2.  onload I will automatically select an item of ComboBox depending on some condition, e.g. id='abc' and it shows fine, but is there a way for ComboBox to scroll automatically to the selected item when the ComboBox list is displayed? Same can apply to the scollable tables, to scoll automatically to the selected row?
I would appreciate any help.

Best regards


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