WebFX Non Commercial License

Updated 2002-09-21


Our general rule is that everything on WebFX is free for non commercial use. This basically means that if you are running a personal web site without any profit and no money is put into it, except the rent of web space and domain name cost, you qualify for non commercial use and can therefore use the material found on WebFX free of charge. Credit should still be given where credit is due, so don't remove any headers, do not claim that you created material that you did not create and do not redistribute the code to any third commercial part.

Terms of License

The WebFX Non Commercial license only applies if all of the following statements are true and not broken.

  1. The header in the P/C (1) may not be removed or modified.
  2. The P/C is used in a non-commercial or non-profit environment (2).
    1. No money is put into the environment except the cost of the web space and domain name.
      You may of course also put money into hardware and software that run the environment.
      This means that no one can get paid to maintain the environment.
      No company, organization or institute can back up the environment financially. Non-profit organizations (3) are excluded.
    2. The environment that the P/C is used in cannot make any profit.
      This means that you cannot sell anything, directly or indirectly using the environment.
      You cannot use the P/C in an environment that act as a promotion/commercial for a commercial product.
      Commercial banners can be used as long as the income from these does not exceed the cost to maintain the environment.
      Donations are allowed.
  3. The P/C may be freely modified as long as 1 - 2 are not broken.
    Any work based on the P/C also fall under this license.
    This means that if you base any work on the P/C then the new product cannot be used commercially.
  4. The P/C may be freely distributed as long as 1 - 3 are not broken.
    This means that the P/C cannot be redistributed to any third commercial part because this would break 2.
    This also means that if the P/C is included in a widget pack (component library) then the widget pack (or parts of it that uses the P/C) may not be used in a commercial environment.


(1) P/C - product/component provided by WebFX.
(2) Environment - Program that uses the product/component. This includes web sites, intranets and offline programs.
(3) Non-profit organization - a non-profit organization is a organization that has no intention of making money in any way and all work is done for charity.