For the last couple of years most of the components available here has been available under three different licenses, a non commercial license, a commercial on and the GNU GPL.

It's a system that has proven quite successful, allowing us to charge for commercial usage while allowing individuals and open source projects (under the GPL) to use our components free of charge.

However we've never been able to handle the commercial side of it satisfactory; those interested in purchasing a license has often been neglected and mistreated.

It's also meant that free and open source software under licenses other than the GPL has been unable to use our components, which clearly was not our intention.

Therefor we've decided to re-license our components under the Apache Software License 2.0, allowing anyone to use them free of charge.

The articles and source files for our most popular widgets has been updated already, however quite a few remain. If the files you are interested in are still referring to the old licenses terms or if licensing is not indicated please contact Emil and Erik and we'll update the affected files.


Notice that the WebFX Dynamic Webbboard is not available under these licenses. See for more info.

Notice that the PNG Behavior does not require any license. You may use it in any way you see fit as long as credit is given where credit is due. In other words, don't claim you create it and don't try to make money directly from it.

Notice that the IE Emu is also available under the Mozilla Public License (MPL).

Previous Licenses

Up until May 2006 either one of the following three licenses applied to most of our components. They've since been replaced by the Apache Software License Version 2. These licences will not be applied to any new development but is kept as a reference as we've used them extensively in the past, and as older versions of a lot of our code is still out there.

WebFX Non Commercial License

Permits anyone the right to use the software in a non-commercial context free of charge.

Our general rule is that everything on WebFX (1) is free for non commercial use. This basically means that if you are running a personal web site (2) without any profit and no money is put into it, except the rent of web space and domain name cost, you qualify for non commercial use and can therefore use the material found on WebFX free of charge. Credit should still be given where credit is due, so don't remove any headers, do not claim that you created material that you did not create and do not redistribute the code to any third commercial part.

WebFX Commercial License

Permits the license holder the right to use the software in a commercial context. Such license must be specifically obtained, however it is valid for any number of implementations of the licensed software.

If you want to use the material found on WebFX (1) for commercial use a commercial license must be obtained. This means that if you want to use material found on WebFX for a commercial web site (2) or part of a product your company is developing you must first receive a commercial license from WebFX.

GPL - The GNU General Public License

Permits anyone the right to use and modify the software without limitations as long as proper credits are given and the original and modified source code are included. Requires that the final product, software derivate from the original source or any software utilizing a GPL component, such as this, is also licensed under the GPL license.