These are the special CSS2 values that allow you to take advantage of the user's settings on your web-page.

Color Settings

These are the color values. These can be used anywhere where a color is allowed.

Your Setting Color Name Description
activeborder Active window border
activecaption Active window caption.
appworkspace Background color of multiple document interface applications.
background Desktop Background
buttonface Button Face
buttonhighlight Button Highlight
buttonshadow Button Shadow
buttontext Button Text
captiontext Caption Text
graytext Gray Text
highlight Highlight
highlighttext Highlight Text
inactiveborder Inactive Window Border
inactivecaption Inactive Window Caption
inactivecaptiontext Inactive Caption Text
infobackground Tooltip Background Color
infotext Tooltip Text
menu Menu Background
menutext Menu Text
scrollbar Scrollbar Background
threeddarkshadow Dark shadow for 3-D elements
threedface Face color for 3-D elements
threedhighlight Highlight color for 3-D elements
threedlightshadow Light color for 3-D elements
threedshadow Shadow for 3-D display elements
window Window Background
windowframe Window Frame
windowtext Window Text

Font Settings

These values can be used for the font property.

Font Name Description
no value Default Font
caption Font used for captioned controls (e.g. buttons, drop-downs, etc.)
icon Font used to label icons
menu Font used in menus
messagebox Font used in dialogs, etc.
smallcaption Font used for labeling small controls
statusbar Font used in the status bar.

Cursor Settings

These values are to be used with the cursor property.

Cursor Name Description
Auto The browser decides what pointer based on where it is..
Default The default pointer. This is most often an arrow.
Hand The hand pointer. This is shown when hovering a link. Notice that this value is IE only. pointer is the standard value.
Pointer The hand pointer. This is shown when hovering a link
Crosshair A cross like an aim
Move A cross with arrows on it. It says "This can be dragged around!"
Text A basic text cursor :-). This is shown when hovering text
Wait An hour glass telling you to wait!
Help A question mark.
*-resize These cursors are not the system default for resizing windows. They are an arrow that points in the specified direction
n-resize s-resize e-resize w-resize
ne-resize nw-resize se-resize sw-resize

Author: Erik Arvidsson