Licensed under the Apache Software License 2.0

This is pre-release software and may not be distributed without permission.

Changed License


Changed license to Apache Software License 2.0.

Better Keyboard Navigation


Now only one item has tabIndex set so that the entier tree only takes up one entry in the tab focus chain.

API Docs uploaded


All methods and fields are now documented

Minor Updates


Fixed an issue with focus in IE.

findChildByText now takes an optional second argument telling which child to return if more than one child is found. Another similar method called findNodeByText searches for the node amongst the current node and all its descendants. These 2 methods alsp accepts a regular expresion instead of a string.

Welcome to the beta of xTree 2


This has been long in the making and it has been a collaboration between me and Emil. The implementation of xTree 2 and xLoadTree 2 are now feature complete. There are still plenty of things to do:


Take a look at requirements.txt. There are still some open items but these are mostly open because they need to be verified and further tested.

We are interested in feedback regarding what platforms this currently runs on.

Backwards Compatibility

Version 2 is mostly backwards compatible. If you can find any cases where your app worked using 1.x but not using xTree 2 beta (or xLoadTree) please notify us.

Author: Erik Arvidsson