This page shows how a simple link can open a menu relative to it. This can be useful if one wants to bild their own menu bar using images or whatnot.

<a href="#"
   onfocus="if (!webfxMenuUseHover) webFXMenuHandler.showMenu(myMenu, this)"
   onmouseover="if (webfxMenuUseHover) webFXMenuHandler.showMenu(myMenu, this)"
   onblur="if (!webfxMenuUseHover) webFXMenuHandler.hideMenu(myMenu)"
   onmouseout="if (webfxMenuUseHover) webFXMenuHandler.hideMenu(myMenu)"
   onclick="return false"

This paragraph has a link that shows the a menu onfocus (or onmouseover if hover mode is true) and hides it onblur (or onmouseout)