Table with Inputs

Below is a static table where one column contains checkbox inputs. To handle these the method getRowValue is overriddden to support a new type called CheckBox.

Since there is a bug in IE that makes the inputs lose their value after the DOM node is moved in the tree we backup the input value before the sort (using onbeforesort and restore it afterwards.

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  String String Number Date No Sort
apple Strawberry 45 2001-03-13 Item 0
Banana orange 7698 1789-07-14 Item 1
orange Banana 4546 1949-07-04 Item 2
Strawberry apple 987 1975-08-19 Item 3
Pear blueberry 98743 2001-01-01 Item 4
blueberry Pear 4 2001-04-18 Item 5