There are quite a few demos available. These are briefly described below.

Simple Demo


This demo shows the menu structure defined in the usage page.

Context Menu


This demo show how to use a menu as a context menu. When the document fires the oncontextmenu a menu is shown. Before the menu is shown the source of the event is found and in case of an anchor beeing clicked then some anchor related items are made visible.

IE Menu Structure Demo


This demo was made as a proof of concept. It creates a menu structure that looks exactly like the menus in Interner Explorer (well not exactly, some items have been removed).

WebFX Menu Structure Demo


This demo uses a modified server side script of the script that creates the navigation menu system used here at WebFX. The server side script generates the needed js for the menu. This demo is not availble when running offline.

Scrollable Menu


This demo shows what happens if there isn't enough vertical space. In these cases it shows scroll buttons at teh top and bottom.

cssText Demo


This demo shows how to use a CSS string instead of CSS file. The demo is based on simpledemo.html.

Add and Remove Demo


This demo shows how to add and remove menu items at runtime.


This demo shows how to add and remove menu buttons and menus at runtime. This uses the new clone methods provided in the menu4.clone.js file.

Vertical Menu Bar


This is a demo that shows how to use a few CSS rules and changing the subMenuDirection property to "horizontal" for the menu buttons to get a vertical menu bar. This demo is based on iemenustructure.html

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Menu Bar Creation
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Author: Erik Arvidsson