I've got lots of question regarding the DHTMLmenu and frames. The problem is that frames are display in front of the menus.


Frames are so called windowed controls. This means that each frame instances a new window object. These window object cannot be hidden below ordinary HTML container but they can be placed below other windowed controls and I was planning to make a menu system that didn't use TABLE tags to build the menu but use scriptlets (uses the OBJECT tag) or IFRAMEs instead but these gave me a lot of problems so I decided to do a much simpler workaround.

The "solution"

This is actually a workaround that I saw at Microsoft's home page. When the menus are shown the windowed controls are hidden. All I had to do was to look at the collections for the windowed control elements (IFRAME, SELECT, OBJECT, APPLET, EMBED) and set the visibility style to hidden.

Author: Erik Arvidsson