Look & Feel

The look & feel of the context menu can be completely customized by altering a few CSS classes. The ones included in this demo and in the download are my attempt at making a windows2000 style context menu. Even though the class names are pretty self-explanatory, I will give you a quick overview of each one:
WebFX-ContextMenu internal use only
WebFX-ContextMenu-Body defines the look of the menu (background color, margins, padding, etc)
WebFX-ContextMenu-Item defines the look of each menu item
WebFX-ContextMenu-Over defines the appearance of each item when the mouse is hovering over it
WebFX-ContextMenu-Disabled defines the appearance of a disabled item
WebFX-ContextMenu-Disabled-Over defines the appearance of a disabled item when the mouse hovers over it
WebFX-ContextMenu-Separator defines the appearance of a seperator menu item

The other classes are written by erik, to make an interesting disabled effect.

Typical Usage

Author: Jared Nuzzolillo (special thanks to Erik)