03/12/2001: Updated z-indexing for the ComboBoxes to always ensure that the current box is on top, when there are two or more. As looping through the entire document and finding the highest z-index would be too inefficient each time the box is shown, I created an editable constant prototyped variable called COMBOBOXZINDEX. You can chnage this property if other objects on the page are showing up above the Combo. More updates soon! :-)
03/13/2001: Added support for limiting size. To limit the height and add scrollbars, simply add a height and overflow-y attribute to the combo-list class in the css file (to see what I mean, just remove the comments in that class in the example css file.
06/13/2002: Fixed Mozilla 1.0 support and improved performance a little. The Mozilla version does not need the IE Emu files even if earlier version might have needed it.

One thing I always thought was lacking in the HTML widget set was the combo box. You know, that crafty little object in your address bar for Internet Explorer that watches what you type and searches the list of items in the list. If it finds anything that closely matches what you are typing, it pops up a little menu for you to choose from.

View the demo and try typing a 'b' in the box. The ComboBox searched through its list for all items beginning with a 'b' and shows them.

You can alter the look of the ComboBox by simply altering the css file included in the zip file.

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Note: This widget only works in IE 5 or above. I am currently working on some enhancements, and a NS6 version.

Author: Jared Nuzzolillo