WebFX Commercial License

The WebFX Commercial License permits the inclusion of the products for which a license has been obtained (hereby referred to as the products) in any current or future product produced by the license holding corporation (hereby referred to as the corporation) with the exception of the following product-types:

The products may be included simply as enhancements to another product. The products may be included simply as a part of another product. The corporation may never profit directly from sale of the products, only from the application they are included in. All intellectual property rights and source code right will remain in the possession of WebFX and the affected author.

The products may not be resold. Neither may products deviated from the original code, or products produced by reverse engineering the original code, be sold or in any other way be profitable for the corporation.

If The products are included in a service offered by the corporation a license must be obtained for each company the service is sold to.

The license is valid only for the products and only for the purchased version of those, with the following exceptions.

A minor update consists of bug fixes and patches that may include some enhancements and small, added features to the product. Minor updates are signified by minor version number changes. For example, a minor update from version 3.0 would be 3.1 or 3.01).

A major upgrade consists of major enhancements and new features added to the product. Major upgrades are signified by a major version number change. For example, a major upgrade from version 3.0 would be 4.0.

The corporation is entitled to a free update, if one or more of the above criteria are met. Updates not addressed above requires a new license, which can be purchased at rebated price if the old one is revoked.