WebFX was founded by Emil A Eklund in 1997. At that time the other part of WebFX, Erik Arvidsson, was experimenting with his personal DHTML site. After a while the exchange of ideas between the two young Swedes increased and shortly they joined forces and Erik joined WebFX. The duo was complete.

The main goal of WebFX has been to create things that most people don't think are possible. A lot of people think that DHTML is a way to animate layers in a web page. When we started WebFX almost the entire DHTML scene thought that this was the case and unfortunately there are still a lot of people that are not getting away from this simplistic view.

Our view of DHTML has always been that it is a way to create rich user interfaces that work inside a web browser. Lately another alternative view of DHTML is starting to grow and that is that DHTML can also be used to improve usability of ordinary web pages. These two views are slightly different and the approach is a bit different. They have different target users and different target environments. Still the one does not rule out the other and they complement each other pretty well.

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